Between the Lines

Between the Lines is about the filmmaker’s search for Dr. Anandi Joshi, India’s first woman doctor, through her letters, places in which she lived, archival photographs, color still photographs taken at sites related to her life, and during a visit to the Rural Cemetery of Poughkeepsie where her ashes are buried.

Popular texts on Dr. Joshi portray a tragic, submissive victim bullied into a vocation in which she had no interest by an abusive husband, who used her for his own reformist ambition. Evoking her voice, the documentary reclaims Dr. Joshi's agency vis-à-vis her letters, exploring her uneasy balance between feminism and tradition.

Between the Lines also explores absence, memory, and neglect and is an experimental film about trying to 'remember' what one has never known but might have been.

Genre: Documentary
Format: 16 mm, Super 8, DV
Dur: 18 min
Year: 2005

IAWRT IIC Asian Women's Film Festival, Open Space, Pune, 2007
IAWRT IIC Asian Women's Film Festival, New Delhi, 2007
Reel Women International Film Festival, Los Angeles, 2006
Aaina Film Festival, Tasveer, Seattle, 2006

MCMA Creative Activity Grant, 2005