Equal and Opposite

Equal and Opposite probes under the skin of one organic life in an industrial community. ‘A Man’ falls asleep on a beach, a fractured oasis surrounded by grey concrete, and dreams of release from the ‘Watchers’ who combine their powers to bring him into their fold. The man wakes up and in a climactic moment, the true nature of his dream is revealed.

Equal and Opposite originated in Super 8 but was finished in digital video. This film experiments with time and motion (as Super 8 Tri X, Kodachrome and Ektachrome film is transferred to DV and then slowed down), texture (the granular quality of Super 8 reversal film) and sound, (as the sound of the man’s interior landscape takes on a deafening volume) and the shadowy, dream-like manifestations of the ‘Watchers’ are contradicted by harsh, industrial sounds such as those of peak-hour Bombay traffic.

Genre: Experimental Narrative
Format: Super 8, DV
Dur: 12 min
Year: 2005

East Speaks Here: Culture Unplugged Film Festival, 2008
BYOFF, Orissa, 2006
Jersey City Museum Showcase, JC Studio Tour, New Jersey, 2005