Outside the Saying of It

In ‘Outside the Saying Of It’ an Iranian-American filmmaker attempts to come to terms with his memories as a witness and survivor of revolution and war.

The film employs images and sounds of his life in contemporary America, archival news footage and eyewitness photographs to examine immigration and exile, war and peace, testimony and trauma, reconciliation and dissent, poetry and film.

Although finished in 2005, ‘Outside the Saying Of It’ was primarily shot in early 2003, just after the US invasion of Iraq. The film is, therefore, not only about grappling with past wars, and an absent homeland, but also about finding oneself in a country at war once again.

‘Outside the Saying of It’ was selected as part of a package of films on immigration and human rights taught in Toronto-area schools in 2010-2011.

Genre: Documentary
Format: DV
Dur: 18 min
Year: 2005

DNA Jaipur Film Festival, Jaipur, 2008
East Speaks, Here: Culture Unplugged Film Festival, 2008
SAVAC MONITOR 3, Toronto, 2007
New York Arab and South Asian Film Festival, New York, 2007
Ms. Films Festival, North Carolina, 2006