Yours Truly, Yamuna

a feature film screenplay

by Vaidehi Chitre

Semi-Finalist, Moondance International Film Festival, 2007

MCMA Creative Activity Grant, 2004

Synopsis: MALINI is a successful Bollywood director on the lookout for a change. On a casual visit to a friend she stumbles upon the letters of DR. ANANDI JOSHI, India’s first woman doctor.

Nineteenth century India- revolution is in the air, the struggle against British rule is beginning to take shape, social reformers are struggling for women’s rights, and a large number of women are recording their world view through letters and diaries.

Married at the age of ten to GOPAL JOSHI, an eccentric postmaster passionate about women’s education, Anandi Joshi is only twelve when she becomes a mother and loses her child. She wants to become a doctor but medical schools in India at this time don’t allow women. After years of struggle, seventeen-year-old Anandi sets sail for America on the S.S Etruria.

Nineteenth century America, also in the midst of social upheaval, is curious about this girl who is neither white nor black, comes from a 'colonized' nation, eats vegetarian food, wears ‘native’ clothes inadequate to American winters, and says she wants to be a doctor.

As Malini pursues the story her own personal life goes through a spiral. She loses helpers and finds new friends in unexpected places.